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02 March 2007

Day 23 - 2/3/07

Phone call on the answering machine when I returned home today:

"Hi, I'm at Spring Beach, near Orford. Stopping here for lunch at about 2 pm and hope to go on, maybe down to Earlham or Rheban area, about 20 kms away. Conditions seem to be lifting a little bit at the moment, but will just have to see if that stays. It's been misty with only about between 1 and 5 kms visibility all day, with a SE headwind - only moderate but enough to be annoying though."

Distance so far today has been about 35 kms.

Matt rang again at 5.45pm saying he had made it to Earlham, near the Lagoon, just S of Sandspit Point. He has made camp in a paddock, surrounded by sheep manure and jack-jumpers. Apparently it was the best spot he could find.

Total for the day was about 50 kms, after he followed the bays much of the time.

His plan for tomorrow, when finally some favourable winds are expected, is to start early and try to get to Pirates Bay by lunchtime and Fortescue Bay later. Forecast is "NE to N winds 5 to 15 knots, increasing to 15 to 25 knots during the afternoon then tending W late."