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05 December 2007

West Coast Expedition

Day 4 - Wednesday 5/12/07

Despite repeated attempts last night no contact was possible with Matt.

I sent the 5am coastal forecast early today in the hope he might be able to get a signal to read that conditions are expected to ease somewhat.
However, at 7.30am I got a phone call from Matt to say he thought it would be insane to continue and undertake the walk as planned. He did not get the text message though.
His reasoning is that he checked the food box at The Shank (where he spent last night) and found that animals had attacked it and water had got into the plastic box even though it was sealed with strong fabric tape.

Imagine the despair if he had found this after 7 days walk and then no food re-supply for the following week!

His plan now is to back-track, maybe to Point Hibbs today.

More news as it comes to hand.

Update from later in the day - Matt has reached Point Hibbs in worsening conditions. He reckons he might try for Strahan (Heads Camping Ground) on Thursday, weather permitting.