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04 April 2009

Meadowbank to New Norfolk training

I have just got home after a long day on the river. I drove to the Derwent River just above New Norfolk and dropped off my bike and then drove about 40km upstream to the base of Meadowbank Dam. I was hoping that the power station would be running which means the river will have more water in it - sadly it wasn't and the river was low with lots of rocks exposed.

I was paddling my Dagger RPM which isn't the ideal kayak for a 40km paddle - but I planned to stop at the rapids for a play on the way down. As I drove past the Meadowbank Vineyard and reached the gate to the ski club a guy arrived and opened it. Normally I would leave my car here and carry my kayak over the fence and down the hill about 200m to the river where there is thick scrub and a 2 foot drop to the water.

Luckily I could drive along the gravel road and then almost up to the dam wall to start.

I plodded along on the flat sections and stopped to catch the waves on the rapids and had a good time. I had a lunch break at Gretna and finished at 3pm near the water board building upstream from New Norfolk.

I then had a 2 hour ride into a strong westerly headwind to get back to the car - after hiding my kayak in scrub.

I was tired and relieved to get to my car again and relax as I headed back to collect the kayak on the way home.

I hope to do a similar trip on the Huon River in the next few days with a 'bike shuffle'.