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17 October 2011

Tasmania cycle tour

I expect to start my touring ride on Thursday 20th of October 2011.

My plan it to ride from my home east of Hobart and initially ride down to Cockle Creek and back to get to the southern-most point of Tasmania.  If I encounter any bike problems I will be able to sort them out as I come back through Hobart before heading up the Lyell Hwy to Strahan.

I then plan to head up the west coast via Corinna and the Western Explorer Rd, through the Tarkine region, past the western-most point of Tasmania - Bluff Hill Point.  I will then continue up to the north-west corner in the Van Dieman's Land Company property - Woolnorth and get to the northern-most point of Tasmania - Woolnorth Point.

I then plan to ride along the north coast of Tasmania to Eddystone Point on the east coast and then head down the east coast back to Hobart.

If I have any more time available I will go down to Coles Bay and also Tasman Peninsula.

Well that is the plan... we will see how it all turns out!

Any twitter posts will be on:!/matt_watton_580