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05 December 2013

new toy excitement - Alpacka Packraft

With great excitement I unwrapped the package today containing my new packraft from Alpacka.

It is a 'Denali Llama' single raft - with a 4 piece paddle.  The new model raft has pontoons that allow you to put gear inside the raft to lower the centre of gravity (compared to having a pack strapped into the front of the raft).

I have never used one before but I have a few adventures planned for it:

1. initial familiarisation on flat water for a few paddles
2. test paddles in grade 1/2 white water
3. test paddle in grade 1/2 with overnight gear for a trip
4. test in grade 2/3
5. test in grade 2/3 with gear

The trip aims are:

1. The full Huon River from Lake Pedder down to Huonville.  You have to walk the first few km's to below the first gorge where there is very little water below Scotts Peak Dam

2. walk from Scotts Peak to the Crossing River into the Davey River, down to Port Davey & paddle to Melaleuca

3. a walk & paddle trip in Port Davey/Bathurst Hbr (flat water paddling - no rapids) from Melaleuca out to Spain Bay then walk down to South-West Cape & back to Melaleuca via south coast.

4. a walk in to Lake Judd (near Mt Anne) then a paddle around Lake Judd
5. a paddle around Lake St Clair & walk up Mt Ida
6. exploring in Lake Pedder & Lake Gordon & Macquarie Hbt/Birchs Inlet

then who knows what else...