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26 January 2018

after a bit of a gap in the blog

I haven't done many kayak trips over the last few years because after paddling around Tasmania a few times, I lost interest.  However, I have a new sea kayak coming in a few months and that may spark some more enthusiasm.

My old Mirage 580 is now looking very tired.  It is also a heavy version because I requested that it be constructed as a stronger version to cope with rough conditions better.  This resulted in it being a 30kg kayak ... so strong but slow to accelerate.  The red paint job has also faded and needs a cutting agent to spruce it up again.

There is nothing like a new toy to get you excited in a sport again and I think that will happen with the new sea kayak.

Recently I've been doing lots of mountain biking on technical tracks.  This is great exercise but can lead to injuries when 'incidents' happen ... and I've had a few of those.  It is time for me to stop having 'incidents' to let my body heal for a few years.

Lately I've found that as your confidence increases on technical mountain bike tracks and your skills improve a bit - you push the limits even more.  This has kept leading to me pushing the limits until I stuff-up and break bones and/or tear muscles etc.

So the future plans-

keep the riding to less technical tracks to avoid crash injuries;

do some more bike touring trips;

get back into sea kayaking & river trips