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02 May 2013

10 March 2013 - Allports Beach to Killiecrankie

We left Allports Beach at 9.30am and after 2km we were on a corrugated gravel road with rotting road kill every 20m.  These 2 factors are the only unpleasant things about riding on Flinders Island.

The road to Killiecrankie was gently undulating, inland from Marshall Bay - approaching the gaps between Mt Tanner & Mt Boyes.

From the turn off to Killiecrankie there was a 5km gentle downhill to the beach.  Just before the beach there was a signpost to a campsite on the right.  We headed down a driveway and we were confused when it went to a private house & a dog came running at us.  It didn't look at all inviting as a camp so we continued to the beach & camped next to the picnic area which had a picnic shelter, gas bbq & a water tank.

The day had been another hot, dry ride so we were very relieved to get some cold drinks & an ice cream from the Killiecrankie cafe/shop (only open thru summer).

Later that afternoon a 'local' asked "Don't you like the campground?" - Well No we didn't like the campground.  That was why we weren't staying there.

That afternoon 4 NSW kayakers arrived from Deal Island.  It was great to catch up & hear the story of their trip.

11 March - Killiecrankie to Palana then North-East River
12 March - N/E River back to Killiecrankie with a day walk up Mt Killiecrankie
13 March - Killiecrankie to Allports Bch
14 March - Allports Bch to Whitemark
15 March - day walk to Hayes Hill near Whitemark
16 March - day walk down the beach south of Whitemark
17 March - Whitemark to Lady Barron
18 March - day walk to Pot Boil Point
19 March - catch the boat back to Bridport overnight
20 March - back to work!