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27 May 2013

27/5/13 - kayak race & mtb training

26/5/13 - Derwent Canoe Club race on the Derwent River at New Norfolk.  The race was 10km & I started in the fast group, knowing that I would end up at the back of that field.  The div 2 group left 5 minutes before and I was hoping to catch a couple of them.

At the start I didn't get on the fast wake because I haven't done enough paddling yet, especially fast sprint starts.  That should be better in the next few months.

I caught up to Steve after about 3km & stayed on his tail until roughly 6km then paddled alongside.  Steve had a better bridge turn & finished a bit stronger.  This 10km paddle just reinforced that I need to do lots more work.

27/5/13 - MTB ride after work - When I finished at 3pm I headed for Clarence MTB park.  It was beautiful in the sun but very chilly in the shaded areas.  I mainly did practice in the spots that I've had trouble with - the tight, steep switchbacks.  In each spot that I couldn't get around I kept going back to re-try it.  On a couple I managed to work them out but some I am still stuck on.

I spent about 15 mins doing continuous laps around the short pumps track and I was slowly improving as I worked out how to pump the bike for momentum.  I finished with a ride up the xc course to Tunnel Hill & back, getting to the car just after dusk as the temperature plummeted with clear skies.