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13 May 2013

12/5/13 - MTB Skills course

After at late night at work & 3hrs sleep I headed to Tolosa MTB park for a mountain bike skills course with

There were 7 participants and everyone was keen.

We started with techniques for getting over small obstacles, then the general techniques of vision (looking thru corners), position (riding in attack position), momentum & technique (VPMT).  The key was to continually apply these to all aspects of riding. 

Next were uphill corners - with the important parts being looking thru the corner & physically turning your head, shoulders & body to where you want to go, as well as momentum & having the right body position fwd vs back.

Next were downhill corners applying all of the V.P.M.T. then over drop-offs with the key points being momentum, extending your arms/handlebars fwd & keeping your vision up so you are looking ahead not focused on the edge of the drop off.

After 4 hrs everyone still seemed to want to keep going and could probably have gone for another 4 hrs.  The instructors were great and were very encouraging.  I would recommend a course for anyone wanting to improve their confidence & bike handling skills.