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24 May 2013

24/5/13 - Kingborough MTB Park

After a nice lunch with an old friend (not old but hadn't seen her for a long time) at Blackmans Bay, I headed to Kingborough MTB Park for a bit of exercise & to work on my skills.

Things I want to improve are - my jumping is hopeless because I didn't play on bmx's enough as a kid & old people don't heal as quickly when you crash - and I crash a fair bit.

Usually I leave the ground when I don't intend to - when I am going hard racing or chasing someone and go over an obstacle at speed & leave the ground unintentionally.  When I think about it too much or don't attack the obstacle enough bad things happen and I spend time removing gravel from my wounds.

I started warming up at the mtb track with a couple of laps of the longer xc track, then did some hard laps.  My previous best time around the 1.35km course was 5m29.

Today my hard laps were:

1.   5.56 warm up
2.   5.16
3.   5.07
4.   5.02
5.   5.02

After that I had a go at the jumps with mixed success - slowly building up a bit.  Then I worked on the pump track gradually gaining confidence & technique until I was attacking it.  I finally stopped when the the dusk had turned to night.