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18 May 2013

18/5/13 - kayak training - Howrah

After a night when I fell asleep on the couch in front of the heat pump, I woke up with a dry, sore throat & dry eyes as the tv was belting out the sound of the Nascar qualifying session.  I wonder when tv's will detect that the watcher has fallen asleep & just turn themselves off?  Or maybe they will be wirelessly connected to your heartrate monitor & blood pressure so they can tell if you are bored.  The ratings people would love that feedback.

Anyway... I had a few big drinks to recover from my heat pump dehydration then headed off to Howrah for kayak (or ski) training.

There was a good turnout of 13 paddlers on the sunny morning - with 2 new Epic V14's on the water and lots of V10 sports, a Think & 2 Grafton kayaks.  I was using my Grafton Bandit because it is good in all conditions, comfortable & isn't too unstable if the conditions get bad.

We left Little Howrah Beach & headed from point to point up the eastern side of the river to the Tasman Bridge which was about 6km upstream.  Near the bridge there was a 2-3km/h flow but off Bellerive Beach & Howrah there was nothing of note.

On the way back from the bridge we did a couple of longer efforts.  I was using my new Jantex Gamma medium at 209.5cm which is the cruising length that seems to work for me.

After the paddle most people headed across the road for coffees etc.

By the time I got home the day was turning nasty so I was glad to get the paddle in the sunny part of the day.