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07 May 2013

7 May 2013 - Nth/Sth Track loop

Christian had organised a group for a ride from Hobart, up to the Springs, down the Nth/Sth Track to Tolosa Park & back to Hobart which is about a 40km loop.

I knew that I would probably be slowest and it would be a hard day - trying to stay up as we headed up to the Springs.

My last ride on this course didn't end well so this time I used some cross country tyres so the ride up to the Springs wouldn't be so hard.  I knew that would mean there was less grip down the MTB track but so be it.

On the way up Strickland Av we turned up a track past Cascade where there is a crazy downhill course with jumps that would mean certain death for me.  There were lots of ramps with big jumps that I usually only see on youtube videos.

I had to walk most of the way up this track because my legs were already dead from the Mt Roland walk a couple of days ago.

This emerged onto Huon Rd just down from the top of Strickland Av jcn. and we continued up to the Fern Tree shop for a short break.  We then continued up to the Springs with Christian & Sam disappearing quickly into the distance.  Ralph stayed with me to give me some company even though he would have almost stayed with the others.

After I passed Shoebridge Bend, Christian & Sam came up behind us.  They had already done the Spring section down & were heading up again.  At the start of the Nth/Sth track I let the pressures down a bit.  They were 70psi for the road ride & I was guessing they were down to about 30 for the MTB bit.

The others headed off first and I just rolled down the track.  It was a bit damp but in good condition.  We re-grouped at Junction Cabin and then at each track crossing after that.  This ride was the first time I had bothered to ride across the long rocky section in the landslip area.

As we got close to the top of the Tolosa area I had a fall on a bend when I think I might have used front break while turning & lost the front wheel - sliding down the track on my front.  I bent the rear derailleur a bit & just bent it back into place.

As we got to the top of the Tolosa Park there was a great course of bermed corners down to a fire trail.  At that point there are lots of options & we went down the downhill course.  I followed Ralph in an area of deep pine needles & lost the front wheel again on a tight bend as I pushed to stay with him.  This time I caught my left thumb against the handlebars & bent it back.  I hope it is just strained.  (my stupidity & carelessness really annoys me - it is no wonder I am covered in grazes)

I rolled cautiously down to the car park.  I pumped my tyres up again & we screamed down Tolosa St & along the bike track back to my car.  It was nice to finish & sit in the sun at Cornelian Bay as I brushed the gravel out of my latest grazes.

Overall it was a good 3hrs of exercise (37.3km) with a strained thumb & a bit of gravel-rash thrown in.