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30 May 2013

30/5/13 - good intentions...

After working until midnight last night, I had good intentions to get up at 8am and to do some mountain bike riding at Tolosa MTB park or Clarence/Belbins area.  The result - after not setting any alarms - was that I woke up at 2pm with no idea what time it was.

I only had time for a quick breakfast/lunch/afternoon tea before heading off for Thursday kayak training.

After the pain of 'un-fitness' at the New Norfolk race I was mentally preparing myself to hurt more in training to improve for races.  I need to improve strength & fitness (& get lighter) to be able to stay on the wake of the group at the starts without ruining myself.

Tonight was a good turn-out of roughly 20 paddlers in still, warm conditions with a very light northerly wafting breeze.

We headed off in 3 groups for longer efforts down to Sthn HQ & back to the DSS which was 5.5km.  This was hard work and I held a similar pace to my 10km race pace of 11.5ish km/h.  On the second effort I started a bit slower & we turned when Ben/Ian reached the half way point & headed back.  As I was struggling on the way back I forced myself to keep my stroke together so I didn't fall in a heap.

I was still sweating 30 mins after the session as I got some groceries at the 'stupid big red hand' shopping centre.