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02 May 2013

9 March 2013 - Whitemark to Emita

We had a very comfortable night at the Whitemark pub and a hot breakfast.  On the way out of town, we dropped off 2 bags of excess gear with a friend.   We had bought far too many warm clothes and the weather was continuing to be warm & dry.  We also called into the Whitemark Bakery and bought turkey salad rolls for our lunch.

With the reduced gear load we both had plenty of space in our panniers and the bikes felt noticeably lighter & easier to handle.

A couple of k's up the road we came across the Saturday morning market at the recreation ground.  We wandered around for a while then continued up the road.

We cruised north into a headwind, passing the airport, a long straight and over a big hill then down to Emita.  We noted the museum as we rode towards the camp ground.  After setting up camp we returned to the museum for the afternoon.  There was a newly built museum since I was there last.  It was impressive & you could spend hours looking through the historic photo/document folders.

The afternoon was still hot & muggy so it felt great having a swim at Allports Beach.