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08 March 2013

7 March 2013 Mt Strzelecki walk

On previous walks to Mt Strzelecki we had to walk the 6km to & from Trousers Pt to the srart of the walk but this time we had the luxury of the bikes to cruise to the start.

We started up the track at 9am in clear skies & hot weather. It would have been better to start at 7am. The track was hard work in the heat & we were very happy to get up onto the peak in spectacular 360 deg views. We could see between Deal Is. & back to Tassie. The sea was glassy calm.

Our legs were feelin a bit weary when we got back to our bikes at 2pm. Back at Trousers Pt we had a swim to sooth sore bodies.

We had dinner at Vistas Restaurant just up the road. My flathead was great & Dad enjoyed his chicken, washed down with some cold beers then back to camp.