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03 March 2013

kayak training Midway Point course

kayak training Midway Point course

Tuesday 10 July 2012 -

As I drove home from work I could saw that the conditions at Midway Point were glassy calm and the tide seemed pretty high.  It seemed like perfect conditions to try for a 'PB' around my 7.2km course around the two islands and the under both ends of McGees Bridge.  My previous best time was 37.50.  I decided to use my sleekest kayak for the attempt - my carbon Evolution Edge.

In my warm-up I checked for current flow under the bridge and there seemed to be no flow at all so it seemed to be high tide time which also gave me less shallow water around the islands - another bonus.  I headed off on the first stretch down to Woody Island at a steady 11.7 to 12km/h.  

My pace slowed a bit in the shallow water around the island but picked back up to 11.5 ish heading across to Barren Island.  Is is very shallow for a long way around Barren Island and I was down to 10km/h.  

I put in a big effort to get back to 12km/h towards the western end of the bridge and went under to the northern side and then sprinted the final stretch to the eastern end of the bridge finishing in a best time of 36m45sec averaging 11.6km/h.  I am pretty happy with that speed because it includes 1-2km of water only one or two feet deep.