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03 March 2013

Wednesday 8 August 2012 - back to swimming training

Wednesday 8 August 2012

After a short break of roughly 18 years, I went to do a swimming session.  The last time I went to Clarence pool - it had the 'bubble' over the top.  The bubble was originally put on for a short-term of about 5 years but stayed for 20 (from 1982 - 2002).  Inside the bubble everything was covered in mildew & mould.  

The giant air compressors pumping air inside to keep the bubble inflated created an oppressive feeling.  During some swimming races one year there was a pop and a giant split appeared at one end.  As it collapsed, everyone made there way to the exits at each corner.

Anyway... back to the story... I turned up to the newly roofed Clarence Aquatic Centre at 8am, hoping to avoid anyone I knew so I could struggle up & down the pool in anonymity.  As I walked in I spotted Don Marsh & Stuart McKinlay