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03 March 2013

Thursday 28 Feb 2013 - where am I

Thursday 28/2 - I can remember dreaming before waking up and then my eyes slowly opened.  

Initially I couldn't focus but slowly realised that I was lying on ground covered with leaves.  My brain was trying to work out why I was lying on leaves but I had no idea.

I tried to get up but I couldn't and I had no idea why I couldn't get up.  I couldn't work out why I couldn't push myself up with my arms or why I couldn't sit up.

As my head became clearer I found that I was lying face down on a the ground in deep wet leaves.  I tried to roll over but I couldn't.  As I writhed around trying to get up, I managed to wriggle onto my side and tried to climb out of the hole I was in.

It was only then that I realised where I was.

I was climbing out of a hole on the side of the road on the side of the Pinnacle Road on the way up Mt Wellington and I heard a car stopping next to me.

As I crawled out of the hole the man from the car got to me and helped me out - asking if I was ok.  I had no idea if I was or not.  I was totally confused (and had lots of leeches on me searching for a good entry site)

The man (James, a staff training guy from Pure Tasmania/Federal Group & bike rider) steadied me as I tried to stand.  As things became clearer I noticed I was next to my bike and things started to come back to me.

Back to the start of the day...

Ralph & Christian were doing the Nth/Sth Track loop ride & decided to tag along.  They are both faster so I knew it would be hard work.  Instead of getting up early and having a nice breakfast I decided to sleep a bit longer and missed breakfast.  I drove to Tolosa Park and left my car there and rode into Hobart along the bike track.

I was riding my new dual-suspension mountain bike and it had wide, knobbly tyres.  I headed up Strickland Av ahead of the others because I was going slower.  They passed me just after Marlyn Rd jcn.  They were cruising but I was pushing 80-90% effort.
My next mistake was that my drink bottle was in my backpack because I didn't have a bidon holder on the bike yet.  SO as well as not having breakfast I didn't drink on the way up to Fern Tree.

I turned up the Pinnacle Rd & kept plugging away although I was feeling stuffed.  About 1km before Shoebridge Bend I got up out of the seat and went up a chainring - to use some different muscles.  After doing this for about 50m I thought - wow I just need to rest for a bit.

I stopped on the side of the road and stood over the bike, leaning against a wooden guide post that marked a drain that ran under the road.  I took some deep breaths but I realised that I was feeling a little 'light-headed' or dizzy.

I got off the bike and leaned it against the guide post.........

That was the last think I remembered before 'waking up' down in the culvert/drain a metre below the road.  It was lucky that when I passed out, I was still wearing my bike helmet.  When I got home I looked at fainting videos on the internet & virtually all of the videos showed the person falling over with a straight body and there heads getting smashed on the ground (if no-one caught them).

Before watching the videos I thought that your legs would give way first and you would just collapse straight down but it looked like peoples eyes roll back, and they just fall forwards - already unconscious without putting their hands out & land face or head first.

Get fitter
Eat breakfast first
Drink during the ride
and again ... get fitter.

If you ever see anyone about to faint... catch them before they crack their skull on the ground.  I ended up with cuts on my side & legs and smashed my riding glasses from falling down into the culvert.  I wished I had my gopro camera on filming as I dropped into the hole & to know how long I was out of it.

After recovering next to my bike and drinking my 1L of Gatorade I rolled back down to town and along the bike track to Cornelian Bay where I was going to meet Ralph who was bringing my car from Glenorchy MTB Park.

Thanks to James for stopping to check on the guy lying in the hole, Ralph & Christian for riding back down to me to check on me & for collecting my car from Glenorchy.