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03 March 2013

Training Tuesday 24 July 2012

Tuesday 24 July 2012
Midway Point paddle
wind - calm with a very slight incoming tide of 0.5 - 2km/h
Kayak - Epic V10L
Today was as good as a winter day gets - sunny, calm & not too cold.
I headed out for a lap of my course using my Grafton paddle which is a bit bigger than the Epic paddle that I have been using.
I had a good, strong paddle and saw the 2 sea eagles.  Sometime I have to take my camera to I finished right on 38 mins at 11.4km/h average.  This isn't my best time but ok for my first paddle of this ski in a couple of years.  There was about 1km of shallow water where I was going about 10km/h.