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03 March 2013

Kayak Training Wednesday 18 July 2012

Wednesday 18 July 2012
Midway Point paddle
wind - 20-30km/h n/w with a very slight outgoing tide in the same direction
Kayak - Grafton Time Bandit
It seems like the strong spring winds have come early.  We have had lots of very strong wind in the last week from the west to n/w.
Today's Midway Point circuit was a moderate cruise because I stupidly decided to go for a paddle just after having a bowl of cereal & I felt sluggish.  I cruised around the loop at 10.4km/h average in the strong wind in a time of 41.20 for the 7.2km
In the early morning sun, the sea eagles white chest really stood out as it watched me from a gum tree as I paddled below it.

Yay ... my tax return just appeared in my bank account.  After a bit of recent saving as well I have enough to buy an ocean ski again.  I had to sell my Epic v10L to pay for my bathroom repairs 2 years ago.

[The tiles started falling off in my shower and I found that there were gaps in the non-waterproof plaster board behind that had been getting wet.  I removed all the tiles & scraped the wall back, & fixed the holes then Dad helped as we put in waterproof bathroom wall sheeting then laminex 'lamipanel'.  I had to also fix a crack in the shower base then put lots of coats of sealing paint on top.  It was finished with a lovely new frosted glass door.]

After selling the V10L I have gone through withdrawal and missed it.  I have been looking at the available skis for the 'not-very-tall people'.  The options are:

Stellar SES
Fenn Elite - Aussie version with the seat closer to the pedals
Epic V10L
The other issue is that after my test paddle of the Fenn Swordfish I loved the secure feeling in rough weather.