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03 March 2013

new toy - dual suspension mtb

Saturday 23 February 2013

I took my new dual suspension Merida 120 XT-M mountain bike out for its maiden voyage today.  I headed to 7 Mile Beach to go along the track to Lauderdale.  I soon found at the 7M Bch end they had been doing track repairs and there was a lot of soft new gravel on the track making it hard to ride.  This only lasted for about 100m and then it was the 'regular' track to Roches Beach.  

My first impression of a dual suspension bike was that it was so comfortable over bumps.  The bike has 3 settings for Climb, Trail or Descend for both front & rear suspension.  The climb setting locked the suspension out, trail gave about half travel & descend was full travel.

As I rode to Lauderdale via the Tangara Trail the new bike felt great.  I visited Dad at home then headed back via the Tangara Trail, over the top of Single Hill & down the steep descent back to track at the end of 7 Mile Bch then back home.