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03 March 2013

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Wed 20 June 2012

After work I took my Evolution Edge out at Midway Point in a strong westerly with white-caps and a lumpy current around McGee's Bridge.  I was pretty careful & deliberate when I started & headed straight into the wind for stability.  

I made it across to the Tasmania Golf Course & did some efforts in the sheltered water near the shore & the causeway.  I headed back down next to the causeway catching the run nervously.  

The evo edge is so tippy and narrow.  I turned right under the bridge slogged back upwind next to the causeway on the southern side until I reached the sheltered, shallow water again.  I turned and ran back with the swells with the evo edge slicing easily through the waves.  I carefully crossed the rough, tidal flow under the bridge and headed back to the beach for a short & sharp session - cold and windy.