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03 March 2013

Thursday 21 June 2012

Thurs 21 June 2012

I was happy that this was the shortest day and was looking forward to longer daylight hours.

Ben Maynard's kayak training was at Sandy Bay at 4.45pm.  It was pretty chilly and dark at the start of the session.  

We did a repeat of a session from 11th of May - 3 x 2.2km efforts with a couple of minutes between the efforts - trying to do an even pace over the 3 efforts.

Before starting I knew that I was paddling faster now than I was for the May session, as a result of doing a minimum of 3 paddling sessions a week as well as some jogging & gym sessions each week.  

For as long as I can remember I have gone months during winter without doing any paddling training so the summer ahead should be far stronger than previous years.
For my 3 efforts last night, the first one went ok at 10m52s.  

The second was 10m48s when I got a better ride as Ben went past me.  The third was a bit messy getting around the Casino point when a couple of paddlers became caught up on the concrete above a pipe and I ran straight into a buoy near the finish.  I was a bit slower at 10.56 but I was getting tired without the obstacles.