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03 March 2013

Huon Series Race 4 - Franklin 10km

Huon Series Race 4 - Franklin 10km

Kayak - Grafton Chrono

The forecast maximum temperature was only going to be 10°C but it was zero at the start with frost on the sides of the road, a cold wind and heavy rain showers.
No-one was looking forward to getting in the water.
I didn't get in early enough and did a rushed warm-up.  My hands were freezing at the start.  After some good races in Div 2, I started in Div 1 this time.  I lined up with Trav, Ian C, Seb, Ben M.

Ben & Seb started hard over to my left and Ian was trying to stay on their wash.  Travis was to my right.  We headed up river to the large passage between Egg Islands (not the canal).  After 2km's I started to feel my hands again.  On the stretch up the eastern side of the northern Egg Island we started to pass the Div 2 paddlers. 

At the half way point I came up behind a group of 4 paddlers.  I was feeling a bit ordinary - possibly due to a some hard training during the week and a terrible warm-up.  At the back of this group I paused briefly.  Their 4 skis were making some reasonable waves which would be fine if I was planning to stay there but I needed to keep going past or Travis would catch up.

As I slowly moved past the group I could tell that someone was on my wash but feeling weary I just tried to paddle a steady pace & thought about my stroke.  I counted down the distance on my gps to the end and it was a relief to finish.  I then realised that it was Ian Parker who had come behind me and finished strongly on his V10 sport.