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03 March 2013

Kayak Training Thurs 26 July 2012

Thursday night group paddle session - Sandy Bay
Thurs 26 July 2012
Kayak - Grafton Time Bandit

After finishing work at 2pm I headed over to the DSS & found Carol about to head out for a paddle.  It was cold and trying to rain but calm.  I quickly got changed & went for an early paddle to the bridge & back (8km).

When I got back there was a good turnout for Ben's session and they were doing some interviews for the upcoming Winter Challenge.

At least 20 had turned up for training and the plan was to head up to the bridge (again) practicing wash-riding, swapping every 3-4 mins.  On the way back we did 2 x 4km efforts.  I was trying out a 212cm grafton paddle which I have found to be slightly too big in the past.  I was hoping my recent training would help me to use that paddle without wearing myself out too quickly.  I soon found out that I need more strength & less weight to use that paddle better.