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03 March 2013

Saturday 14 July 2012 - kayak training

Saturday 14 July 2012

Midway Point paddle

wind - 26km/h nw with an outgoing tide in the same direction

Kayak - Grafton Chrono

The conditions were messy.  I did a 7.2km anti-clockwise lap of my course at a cruising pace of 10.4km/h av - time 41.40

I saw the 2 sea eagles again as I paddled - 1 flying and 1 watching from an old tree.
As I packed up a bloke was taking out an old aluminium dinghy with an even older mercury outboard.  His 'missus' looked absolutely thrilled to be going out fishing in the cold wind and approaching rain.  

I left while he was still trying to start the motor as she rowed the boat - battling the current & wind.