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17 February 2007

Day 10 - 17/2/07

Phone call at 6.10pm - Matt has reached Marrawah (Green Point Picnic Ground) after a struggle from Temma, about 40kms away.

Started off with strong NE headwinds, then eased off a bit. He had a lunch break at Bluff Hill Point. He then paddled with NW wind and arrived, buggered as he put it, at Marrawah at 6.10pm. No march flies but millions of sand flies. If it isn't one pestilence it's another.

After seeing my text forecast for tomorrow (Sunday) with strong NE to NW winds he thinks he may have a rest day and try to get around the "corner" on Monday, when SW to S winds are expected. However, things can change.

He seemed happy with his progress today.