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10 February 2007

Day 3 - 10/2/07

Call received at 5.55pm - Matt at Nye Bay, 1km into the Giblin River, about 10kms south of Low Rocky Point. He pointed out that he deliberately avoided Spain Bay, where he was holed up for about 3 days on a previous trip around Tasmania, and Port Davey.

He is reportedly "stuffed" - maybe an understatement given that he paddled about 100kms today.

Tomorrow (Sun 11/2) he will try to get to Hibbs Point, or a bit further north and on Monday he hopes to be in Strahan.

Forecast for Sunday is "E to SE winds 15 to 25 kts, tending E late. Seas 2 to 3m. SW swell 1.5 to 2m."