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14 February 2007

Day 6 - 13/2/07

Up at about 7am for a bite of breakfast - how civilised is this?

Matt went to the supermarket for food supplies and decided it would be a paddle day after all, having previously considered having a rest day.

His hands were still very blistered - some broken - but he thought that when he actually started paddling he would not be thinking about them too much. They did not look good to me.

He left from the jetty at the Campground at 12.45pm and I immediately set off for home.

I had just reached Swan Basin Picnic Ground when I got a call from Matt saying with some urgency, "Please come back." Apparently he did say more but the line had dropped out and I did not hear anything else.

On returning he showed me a hole where one of the kayak seat bolt heads had pulled through the kayak, leaving a hole about 15mm across where water flowed in.

After some discussion about how to fix it, we decided that large (35mm diam) stainless washers could be shaped to provide a much better hold. Also Matt had some Knead-It to repair the split hole edges. Luckily, I was able to buy some washers in Strahan and together we fixed the seat mountings. Also, we put more impact-absorbing foam under the seat, against the kayak hull base.

Relaxing afternoon, early night in the Olympus tent at the Campground so Matt could get an early start on Wednesday.