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28 February 2007

Day 20 - 27/2/07

On the way to Bicheno today Matt had a break at Long Point, near Seymour, after battling mostly SE winds during the morning. When he rang me from here at about 12.30pm he reckoned he still had about 3 hours paddling to reach Bicheno.

On previous occasions he has stopped at Waubs Bay - a sandy beach where there is a toilet block and a grassed area. Although not intended for camping it is a convenient spot and only a few hundred metres from a cafe and supermarket for supplies.

I arrived at about 2pm and waited for Matt's arrival. I saw him approach inside Diamond Island and had previously seen people walking out along the connecting sand bar. Matt had to drag his kayak across this when he reached it at about 4.45pm.

It had been a tough day's work - unkind head winds - and he hugged the coast to try to minimise the effects.

Total distance for the day was about 50kms.

Rather than set up camp we decided to sleep in the Patrol but, what with interruptions from a car-load of local drunks, this was anything but an undisturbed night. However, we were warm and dry and did not need to pack away any wet gear the following morning.