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14 February 2007

Day 5 - 12/2/07

I drove over to Strahan where I expected to see Matt, deliver some supplies and generally catch up with him.

I arrived at 1.15pm and went out to Macquarie Heads - no Matt, no phone signal. Drove back to Swan Basin Picnic Ground to get a phone signal and watch the channel for any Matt action. I dozed off and was woken at 4pm when Matt phoned. Apparently, he had been trying to get a signal with his sat phone for about 30 minutes. I drove to the Campground, where Matt had arrived and started to unpack his kayak.

He told me there had been lots of offshore reefs and breaking waves. He paid close attention to his surroundings and stayed well out to sea. He had light winds. When he turned at Cape Sorell there was a headwind and an outflowing current. He crossed to Ocean Beach to catch waves and get into Macquarie Harbour.

We left the kayak near a shack - the owner offered to keep an eye on it - and drove into Strahan. We had a steak dinner at Hamers and stayed at a unit for the night. Very comfortable.