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23 February 2007

Day 16 - 23/2/07

Matt rang at 6.15pm from Bridport, having paddled for about 10 and a half hours and only one beach stop for a break.

His hands are still giving him trouble, with broken and unbroken blisters but a bit more of a concern is the fact that his right wrist continuously aches and he is not able to pull the paddle through the water as he would like. He reckons the only cure is about a week's rest, something that apparently is not going to happen just yet. He was able to maintain a speed of between 6 and 7 kms/hr but if he had been 100% fit it might have been more like 8 kms/hr.

He had heard that the NSW kayak paddler was due to arrive at Bridport at about 11am today but so far he has not found out whether he did.

All being well his next scheduled campsite may be Waterhouse Point, about 35kms or Cape Portland, more like 70kms.