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26 February 2007

Day 19 - 26/2/07

When Matt phoned at 6.45pm, having just landed at Scamander, he reported that he had been up, vomiting, from 12 midnight to 2am while camping at Eddystone Point.

He has a number of freeze-dried wilderness-type meals and he thought that maybe it hadn't cooked properly. I thought these meals were pre-cooked and then immediately freeze-dried to seal in freshness and goodness. Maybe I'm not quite right about that.

He was up at 6.30am and started paddling at about 8.30am into an easterly breeze and stopped for a break at St Helens Point, some 30kms due S - surfing in among some nice waves to Beer Barrel Beach.

Here he ate some muesli-type bars and felt a bit better. He pressed on at a slow pace of about 6-7 kms/hr, covering a total of about 55kms for the day.

I told him about the memorial service for Andrew McAuley. I audio-taped the PM report and will let him hear that tomorrow, when I catch up with him at Bicheno (hopefully). I know Matt would have liked to be at that service as he has a great deal of admiration and inspiration from Andrew.