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04 February 2007

Packing Day

Today (5 Feb 07) have the unpleasant task of finding all the gear I need for my trip and buying 2 weeks food supplies and then seeing how much of all that will fit into my kayak. Even if I can fit everything that I want, it usually makes the kayak SO heavy that it breaks your back to get it in & out of the water and a pig to paddle. A sane person would ask "Why the hell do you do it then?"
I guess my answer is that the coastline of Tasmania is really beautiful and I love paddling along it's coastline.

I have paddled along the coast before but every trip is different and each time you get good weather in different places. This allows you to get in close to new beaches & coves that you haven't seen before. Places that only a few people have ever seen.

Some days are really hard and you can get depressed when you get stuck somewhere and can't make progress against strong winds. Some days you have favourable conditions and you travel long distances and feel a great sense of achievement. It is just good to be out there amongst it.