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15 February 2007

Day 8 - 15/2/07

Apparently, today started out OK but it finished up a very hard slog into NE winds.

By lunchtime Matt had reached Sandy Cape - about 30kms from his Conical Rocks campsite. His text message said he was feeling tired, would rest then try for Temma, another 20kms or so NNW.

By 4.25pm another message said he tried to get to Temma but had to turn back because of very strong NE winds.

We tried several times to speak using his CDMA phone but it was not possible. 3rd message at 7.21pm emphasised his frustrations: "Very hot and windy. Too windy for tent. [this means he is using his bivvy bag instead]. Billions of march flies eating me. No shade. Luckily there is a water tank. Try and battle to Temma tomorrow."

I doubt whether it will be any easier for him tomorrow. Forecast for the area says "Strong wind warning. NE to N winds 10 to 20 kts, increasing to 20 to 30 kts before easing late in the day. Seas 1 to 2m, rising to 3m. Westerly swell near 2m." I text him the forecasts every day but he won't get any joy from that one!!