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28 February 2007

Day 21 - 28/2/07

Winds expected to be from SE today, between 15 and 25 knots, which means a hard slog for Matt.

He left Bicheno at 7.45am and I headed back to Sandford the easy way!

I received a text message at 1.30pm to say: "Safe at Wineglass Bay. Staying here. Challenging day." Distance about 35kms.

A bit later Matt rang to say that he had been bounced around by a big dumping wave as he stopped for a while at the northern end of Wineglass Bay and that he was surprised when he re-appeared from the white water after bracing on the wave for what felt like a long time. He was relieved that the kayak didn't roll over and break the video camera on a pole on the deck.

In view of the weather forecast for more SE winds tomorrow he thought he might not paddle until Friday. However, he does not have much faith in the forecasters' NE winds that are expected then.

The next section of the trip is through Schouten Passage, either to camp on Schouten Island or to head across Great Oyster Bay to Maria Island.